Top 7 Best Free Apps for Android - July (2018) 3 months ago

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Best Apps for Android Smartphone July (2018).
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Top 7 best apps for Galaxy S8/Galaxy S9/S9 Plus/OnePlus 6/Oppo/Honor/Vivo/Asus/Xiaomi

Notification Animation
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Beautiful, fun and unique notification animations. Get rid of your boring animation styles. Change your notification style everyday. Unlock all premium animations for just $1.49.

You can control the animation speed of the notification as well as where it should appear. Bottom left or right might be tricky because sometimes while typing it may interfere - so best to have it up top!

Google Podcasts
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Launched in June 2018 and is probably the most useful, simple and good looking podcast app until now.
Simple and good looking because of the way it is designed - it’s all neat and clean, really minimal and its dead simple. You like something, click on it or search for it - it’s got suggestive search as well that makes things really easy and quick. Subscribe to your favourite podcast with just one click.

You can download, play or mark an episode as played. And if you’re really an impatient soul, increase the playback speed and listen to your podcasts at a faster speed.

It is synced with your Google Home. So let’s say you want to continue to a podcast that you were listening to in your car and you paused it - you can play it back from the same spot on your Google Home!

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Tiles is a super useful shortcut tool that adds things that you use the most in your notification panel’s quick settings - and you have a ton of examples to choose from. The possibilities are endless.
All your shortcuts, customized settings in your quick setting panel. Access the most frequently used apps or shortcuts from your quick setting panel.

Android P Rotation

Manually turn on screen rotation only when required. No need to keep auto rotation on all the time. Do it only when needed. Screen rotation option comes only when you turn the phone into landscape mode.


Whether you are looking to set up a new house, or a new room or even if you are just thinking of how to beautify your existing room - you need inspiration because interior designing is not something that comes naturally!

That’s when an app like Houzz can really come in handy because it has alot of interior designing ideas for each and every kind of room and setting. So you could be looking at a eclectic type bathroom in India or a modern style living room in Boston. And once you have these pictures, you can start adding them to your favourite so you could refer to things that you like.

And once you have all that in one place, you can decide on to a color scheme or new accessories for your room that go with the kind of setting that you already have or planning to have.

Driving Detective

Driving Detective is a driving safety app. It detects when you are in a moving vehicle. The app then puts your device in Do Not Disturb mode and silences notifications. That way you can focus on driving instead of whoever is texting you. The app's UI is simple with only a few options to choose from. Thankfully, you don't need a ton of options to make it work. It disengages its control once you have walked a bit away from the car. It's entirely free to use. There is the occasional bug, but nothing too worrisome here.

Smarter Time
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Smarter Time is a fully automatic time tracker for all your time management needs. It automatically builds a log of your daily schedule and then provides you a big picture of analysis to properly understand how you spend your time. It can help you track distractions and also help you realize where to invest time more and how to save more time.

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